Oct. 24, 1996
Vol. 16, No. 4

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    Thanksgiving holiday extended to include Friday

    Beginning this year, the Friday after Thanksgiving will be observed as a University holiday, President Sonnenschein has announced.

    "Closing business on the day after Thanksgiving is an increasing trend at institutions such as ours, and I have no doubt that this additional holiday will be appreciated by employees across the University," Sonnenschein said.

    While it is expected that most departments will close on this day, certain operations within the University must remain open. In addition, some units will continue to hold classes on this day.

    For units that do not provide 24-hour coverage but must remain open part or all of this day, managers are encouraged to consider reducing staffing levels to allow as many employees as possible to take advantage of the holiday.

    Non-bargaining unit employees or bargaining unit employees not assigned to 24-hour operational units who are required to work on this day will receive equivalent time off within 30 days of the holiday.

    Staff employees in units that require 24-hour coverage will follow previously established holiday staffing procedures. Bargaining unit employees working in 24-hour operational units who are required to work on this day will be compensated according to labor agreements.

    Questions about the new holiday may be directed to Sandy Bateman at 702-8905 or Janice Cobb at 702-8909.