Sept. 26, 1996

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    Employees, students can get fit for less at YMCA

    An aerobics and dance studio with mirrored walls and gleaming hardwood floors, a fitness center with state-of-the-art equipment, two swimming pools, three basketball courts and indoor and outdoor running tracks are available to University faculty, students and staff at the South Side YMCA -- and all at a discounted membership price.

    University employees and students will receive a 20 percent discount on membership fees when they join the South Side YMCA. The two-story, 82,000-square-foot facility is located at 6330 S. Stony Island Ave.

    "This is a wonderful opportunity for the University community to get fit at a great price -- and to get to know some of their neighbors a little better, as well," said Suzanne Waddell, membership director at the South Side YMCA. "We offer a fantastic variety of ways for children and adults alike to exercise, learn new skills and spend family time together."

    The newly renovated, fully equipped fitness center features Universal and Eagle Cybex weight-resistance equipment, rowing machines and Stairmasters, plus much more. Members also have access to a whirlpool, a sauna and a massage therapist. Other available services include towel service, free fitness orientation, wellness seminars, health fairs, a day-care center, an after-school center and babysitting service.

    Adult programs include personal training, step aerobics, water aerobics, masters' swim classes, yoga, volleyball, scuba diving and karate. For children, the YMCA has programs in ballet, gymnastics, soccer, volleyball, karate and T-ball, plus a swim team, swimming instruction and synchronized swimming, as well as summer camp programs.

    "One of the things many of our parents like best," Waddell said, "is that they can bring their kids here to join in our children's programs held in the boisterous atmosphere of the first floor, while they can escape to the quieter atmosphere of the second floor, where our adult programs and the fitness center are located. Different ages prefer different atmospheres, and we do our best to accommodate that."

    To receive a discount on membership fees, identify yourself as a University employee or student when registering. Registration is accepted (in person only) between 8 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday and between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday at the South Side YMCA. Tours are available between 10 a.m. and 7:30 p.m. Monday through Friday.

    University faculty, staff and students will receive a 20 percent discount on membership fees, which range, before discount, from annual fees of $279 ($23.25/month) for an adult membership to $338 ($28.17/month) for a single-parent family and $424 ($35.33/month) for a two-parent family. Also available are premium membership packages, which include towel service and the use of a private, carpeted adults-only locker room with a steam room, sauna and whirlpool, plus a television lounge with Lifecycles.

    Monthly payments are accepted through payroll deductions (not available to students) or automatic bank or credit-card charges. There is also a flat-rate, one-time joining fee of $60, which is not subject to the discount.

    For more information, contact Shirlee Holliday in Human Resources at 702-0461, or Selena Bradley at the South Side YMCA, 947-0700.