Sept. 26, 1996

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    Student Activities, Office of Reynolds Club merge

    The Student Activities Office and the Office of Reynolds Club have been combined into one organization, the Office of Reynolds Club & Student Activities -- or ORCSA, as it is already known among the staff.

    "Our primary goal is to work closely with students and support their initiatives," said Bill Michel, the newly appointed Director of ORCSA. A 1992 graduate of the College, Michel has been Director of the Office of Reynolds Club since 1995, and served as Director of University Theater from 1992 to 1996.

    The reorganization of student-activity support departments came about "to continue to provide as much support as possible to student organizations," Michel said. "With the creation last year of the Office of Reynolds Club, to assist with the massive changes to the building and its use as a true student center, it was clear that students would benefit from even more support operating out of a central location." ORCSA supports both organized and informal student activities at the University. The staff works closely with a diverse group of student leaders to encourage student involvement and enhance student life in a variety of ways.

    "There are literally hundreds of opportunities to get involved in student life outside of the classroom," said Michel. "There are thousands of organized events planned by more than 170 organizations each year -- everything from panel discussions and study breaks to dances, parties, movies and rock concerts."

    The combining of the two offices has led to some changes in personnel. As Director of ORCSA, Michel is assisted by staff members Tom Perron, Reynolds Club Program Coordinator, and Cindy Lohman, Administrative Coordinator.

    Charles Farrell, former Assistant Director of Reynolds Club, is now Assistant Director for Student Organizations & Major Programming.

    Farrell has overall responsibility for student organizations and major programming and advises COUP, the Maroon and about 20 other student organizations. Staff members reporting to Farrell include Susie Tabrah, Major Programming Coordinator, and Shyni Varghese, Student Organization Center Coordinator.

    Ray Piattoni, former Facilities & Scheduling Coordinator for the Student Activities Office, is now Assistant Director for Facilities & Operations. Piattoni has overall responsibility for Reynolds Club and Ida Noyes Hall facilities, including room scheduling, maintenance and renovation projects. Staff members reporting to Piattoni include Bob James, Mandel Hall Manager; Sean Weaver, Reynolds Club Facilities Coordinator; and Cynthia Soledad, Events Coordinator.

    ORCSA also offers a range of services for students, such as organization advising; the use of audio, video and lighting equipment; employment opportunities; the use of event rooms in Reynolds Club and Ida Noyes Hall; support for computers used by student organizations; and marketing support, including banner paper and artists' markers.

    To contact the Office of Reynolds Club & Student Activities, call 702-8787 or visit ORCSA's Web site at www-studentactivities.uchicago.edu.