Sept. 26, 1996

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    New STOP identification system to deter computer theft on campus

    The University Police Department has begun a new program -- the STOP identification system -- to deter thieves from stealing computer equipment and to aid in the recovery of lost or stolen items.

    The STOP identification system protects computers in three ways:

    _ An identifying property tag that requires 800 pounds of pressure to remove is affixed to computer equipment.

    _ In case a computer is stolen and the thief succeeds in removing the tag, the tattoo "STOLEN PROPERTY" is embedded underneath, helping make the computer unsalable.

    _ Both the tag and the tattoo include a 24-hour, toll-free number through which a stolen computer can be identified and returned.

    Tags can be purchased for $12 and will be affixed to equipment by University Police. For more information, call University Police at 702-8181.