Sept. 26, 1996

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    Counselors for Benefits Office move to Bookstore

    The UHRM Benefits Counseling Office has moved from Ingleside Hall to the fourth floor of the Bookstore building, providing "one-stop shopping" for employees meeting with various counselors as well easy access to the office via elevator.

    "We felt that grouping all of the benefits counselors together in one office would provide enhanced customer service for faculty and staff. Instead of trooping up and down three flights of stairs to meet with different counselors, employees now have access to 'one-stop shopping,' " said Lele Paulson, Director of Benefits. "Our previous location, which does not have an elevator, also made accessibility very difficult for employees with disabilities."

    Benefits counselors can answer questions on all of the University benefit programs, including insurance, retirement and disability, and can assist when problems arise with any of the University's benefit providers. Forms and program descriptions for all of the University benefit programs are available from the Benefits Counseling Office. All completed forms should now be directed to Benefits Counseling Office, Bookstore, 4th floor.

    Only the benefits counselors have moved to the Bookstore location; all other employees of the Benefits Office remain in Ingleside Hall.