Aug. 15, 1996
Vol. 16, No. 1

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    Administrative Web page step toward paperless distribution

    Announcements distributed with the monthly FAS ledger reports and payroll distribution reports are now accessible on the World Wide Web, via the Administrative Resources home page (http://www.uchicago.edu/uoc/cc.admin.html).

    Although for now the announcements will continue to be distributed with the ledger reports and payroll distribution reports, the announcements will be available only through the World Wide Web beginning in October, said David Trevvett, Director of Administrative Information Systems.

    This method not only will save the University money in the long run, but will make information more readily available to administrators, and in a more usable form, Trevvett said. "For example, among the information now posted on the Web are summaries of some University-wide procurement agreements. Unless you've kept alphabetized and categorized files of the paper announcements, the electronic version of these notices will be far more useful than individual sheets of paper to anyone seeking information on preferred vendors."

    The Administrative Resources page is intended as a major gateway to a growing volume of useful information for all those performing administrative functions at the University. Information available on-line through this gateway includes descriptions of administrative procedures, facilities and services; the Resource, listing employee training opportunities; and official policies governing administrative actions at the University, including the University's Financial Policy Manual.