Aug. 15, 1996
Vol. 16, No. 1

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    Facilities Services announces name change, new appointments

    Facilities Services is the new name of Facilities Planning & Management. The office oversees maintenance, planning, design services, construction, space management, safety, hazardous and radioactive materials management and parking.

    "Besides being easier to pronounce, this new name reflects the way in which we view our function for the campus," said Duane Hickling, Associate Vice President for Facilities. "We are re-engineering the way we do business with the goal of increasing our responsiveness to our campus clients."

    In addition to the name change, there have been several changes in staff, including the following.

    Michel George, former vice president of facilities at Rochester Divinity School, has been named Director of Operations & Maintenance. He previously was involved in physical plant operations at Smith and Amherst colleges.

    Mary Anton, Director of Facilities Support Services for the past eight years, has been appointed to the new position of Director of Space Management.

    Marsha East, former training manager at the University of Wisconsin's Office of Facilities Planning & Management, has been appointed Co-Leader of Facilities Services' business process re-engineering implemenation team, called Roadmap. The other Co-Leader is Pat Monaghan, formerly Facilities Services' Manager of Work Control and Information Systems.

    Ken Lyon, who has been with the University as Project Architect since 1992, has been appointed University Architect, and Trevor Tay, formerly of the University Budget Office, has been named Director of Facilities Support Services.