Aug. 15, 1996
Vol. 16, No. 1

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    Faculty committee formed to discuss University issues

    The Faculty Committee for a Year of Reflection, established by the Committee of the Council, plans to hold several public discussions this year on general issues facing the University and to organize smaller group discussions on particular issues. The committee's goal is to develop recommendations for educational innovations consistent with the University's long-term fiscal policies.

    The committee is seeking written opinions from faculty members by Sept. 1 concerning the University's academic and financial issues. Comments should be directed to Frank Richter via e-mail at richter@dionheinz.uchicago.edu, through Faculty Exchange at the Geophysical Sciences Department, HGS 549, or by fax at 702-0495.

    Members of the committee are co-chairs Frank Richter and Marshall Sahlins, James Chandler, Miriam Hansen, Michael LaBarbera, Deborah Nelson, Robert Pippin, Martha Roth, Katherine Schipper, Melvyn Shochet, Alan Sykes and Amanda Woodward.