March 28, 1996
Vol. 15, No. 14

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    New parking facility under construction

    As construction of the new Duchossois Center for Advanced Medicine moves ahead, plans have been announced to build an adjoining 615-car parking facility. The parking garage will be located on 57th Street between Cottage Grove and Maryland avenues, just north of the Duchossois Center. The center is scheduled to open in the fall.

    The new facility will be for employees only, but it will double the space available to patients and visitors in the main 1,700-car parking facility.

    "The Duchossois Center will attract a significantly greater number of outpatients," said John Beberman, Capital Budget Director for the Hospitals. "This makes it all the more imperative that we expand our parking facilities.

    "We also want to be good neighbors," he added. "We are bordered by a residential neighborhood, and parkers sometimes spill into the neighborhood, making it difficult for the residents to come and go. We hope this new facility will help alleviate some of that."

    The new four-story parking garage will have a limestone-like facade that will blend in with the surrounding architecture.

    A high-security facility, the garage will provide direct access into the Duchossois Center through a tunnel system. New walkways will also connect the main parking facility to the Hospitals.