Feb. 1, 1996
Vol. 15, No. 10

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    Computer Science teaching prize awarded to grad student

    Lokam V. Satyanarayana, a Ph.D. student in Computer Science, has received the Computer Science Department's first Excellence in College Teaching Prize for a Graduate Lecturer.

    The prize included a $500 cash award and a Newton Message Pad 120 donated by Apple Computer.

    Satyanarayana, who will graduate in June, has taught the introductory programming and data structures courses CS 105 and CS 106. He studies computational complexity with his thesis adviser, Laszlo Babai, Professor in Computer Science.

    "L.V. has consistently been one of our top lecturers for the last three or four years," said Donald Crabb, Senior Lecturer in Computer Science and Director of the department's Instructional Laboratories.

    Crabb said the award was established as part of an overall evaluation of the excellence of teaching in Computer Science. The prize will be awarded annually.