December 6, 2007
Vol. 27 No. 6

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    Campus Safety and Emergency Alerts

    The University has two safety awareness and alert systems in place.

    The Safety Awareness Alert system is an e-mail communication system that provides factual information about certain crimes and crime patterns to help the community make prudent safety decisions. To receive alerts and tips automatically by e-mail, follow this link, https://listhost.uchicago.edu/mailman/listinfo/safety-awareness, to subscribe.

    The Emergency Notification System, called cAlert, enables authorized University officials to reach members of the University community through mechanisms other than regular University e-mail and telephones. The new system can transmit short notifications by e-mail to any outside e-mail address, by text message to a cell phone, or by voice message to an off-campus telephone. This system allows the University to contact individuals in case of emergency, a University closing, or some other event that requires rapid, wide-scale notification of the community. The cAlert Emergency Notification System can send safety messages to an individual e-mail address, cell phone or other device. Visit http://calert.uchicago.edu to register for this service.

    Below is a list of Web sites that provide a variety of information about safety: