October 4, 2007
Vol. 27 No. 2

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    Draft of physical accessibility plan available for review

    By Laurie Davis
    News Office

    Over the next few years, the University will make modifications to more than 50 campus buildings, as well as to pathways and parking lots, to make them more accessible to individuals with disabilities.

    While work on this latest round of projects began this summer, the University began its accessibility work before the Americans with Disabilities Act was passed in 1992. This most recent set of projects constitutes the University’s draft Physical Access Plan, which lays out the components of the work and the schedule for their completion.

    Staff members in the Office of the Provost and Facilities Services will work with University departments and schools to complete the work in a way that will be least disruptive to current activities, said Ingrid Gould, Associate Provost. Ultimately, the work will enhance University activities.

    A draft of the plan is posted at http://provost.uchicago.edu/initiatives/physicalaccessplan.shtml, where community members may obtain a copy for review.

    Comments on the draft plan are welcome and may be forwarded to Ingrid Gould at accessplan@uchicago.edu or 5801 S. Ellis Ave., Suite 510, Chicago, Ill. 60637, until Monday, Oct. 22. All comments received will then be reviewed.