August 16, 2007
Vol. 26 No. 20

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    New fiscal year brought some increased rates for parking on campus

    Beginning Sunday, July 1, monthly parking permits for some campus parking lots increased.

    The prices are as follows:

    South Campus lots—$40 (Dorchester, Chapin, Kimbark, Mott, NGR, 1155 E. 60th St., Law School, Ingleside, Faculty Apartments, Wagner, Wells)

    North of Midway Plaisance lots—$80 (Judd, Maryland, Searle, Ryerson, I-House, ATS, 5737, Woodlawn)

    Costs to park in the South Campus Lots, Pierce Lot, Ellis Parking Structure and the Lexington lot remain the same as fiscal year 2007.

    According to Brian Shaw, Director of Campus Transportation & Parking, continued construction activities around campus will impact street parking through fiscal year 2008. Some parking lots (Law School, Dorchester, Edelstone and Drexel) will continue to be closed or will lose capacity during fiscal year 2008 because of South and West Campus construction.

    The University’s Transportation & Parking Office continues to offer a range of transportation programs to support faculty, staff and students commuting to campus by bike, walking, carpool or public transit.

    These programs include:

    Guaranteed Ride Home (free taxi or car rental in case of emergency)

    Occasional Parker (free parking on campus 24 times a year)

    Car Sharing (Access to the I-Go and ZipCar programs)

    Carpool/Vanpool parking at reduced rates

    Free local transit (CTA bus routes 170, 171 and 172 free to University faculty, staff and students)

    CTA Route 192 Express Bus to METRA’s Union and Ogilvie stations

    CTA Route 174 Express Bus to Garfield Green and Red line stations during morning and evening rush hours, and Friday and Saturday nights.

    CTA Route 173 Express PM service to Lakeview

    Free Midway shuttle, CTA Route 170, now every 10 minutes during morning and evening rush hours

    Free local evening buses

    Free late-night SafeRide point-to-point service

    Trip Planning Assistance

    These programs are in addition to the Qualified Transportation Program available through WageWorks, which allows Pre-Tax payment of parking and transit. The programs are designed to save money, time and stress and improve commuters’ quality of life.

    “With gas prices at record levels and the traffic congestion caused by the Dan Ryan construction, this is a great time to look at other ways to get to campus,” said Shaw.

    More information may be obtained by calling the Transportation & Parking Office at (773) 702-8969 for help in planning a commute.