July 12, 2007
Vol. 26 No. 19

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    President appoints Ombudsperson, Associate

    President Zimmer has appointed Leann Pace as Student Ombudsperson and Geertrui Spaepen as Associate Student Ombudsperson for the 2007-2008 academic year. Their appointments will begin in the Fall Quarter.

    Pace is a graduate student in Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations and Spaepen is a graduate student in Comparative Human Development.

    All full-time students were invited to apply for the positions. Through preliminary staff interviews and a selection committee of faculty, staff and students, Pace and Spaepen were chosen from a group of nine undergraduate and graduate candidates.

    The Student Ombudsperson and Associate are appointed by and report to the President.

    They are responsible for investigating and helping to resolve student grievances, particularly in instances where regular channels or processes have not proven sufficient.

    The Student Ombudsperson and Associate can be reached at 702-8422 or via e-mail at ombudsperson@uchicago.edu.