April 12, 2007
Vol. 26 No. 14

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    University admits most diverse student group from applicants

    By Julia Morse
    News Office

    The Office of College Admissions has admitted its most diverse group of students in the University’s history.

    Michael Behnke, Vice-President and Dean of College Enrollment, said, “I am delighted that for the second year in a row, we have the most diverse admit group ever, with all-time high numbers for African-American, Latino and international students.”

    The 3,628 students admitted into the Class of 2011 include a record 265 African-American students, 379 Latino students and 277 international students. Last year, the University admitted 233 African American, 317 Latino and 266 international students.

    The total number of applications received this year also showed a significant increase—from last year’s 9,538 to this year’s 10,408, with this year’s admittance rate at 35 percent. Last year, the admittance rate was 38.5 percent.

    Behnke noted that a few additional students could be admitted from the Waiting List but that the final admit number should not be much higher than it is now. Approximately 1,200 students will likely enroll as first-years in the fall.

    Ted O’Neill, Dean of College Admissions, said, “Our staff was once again pleased at how thoughtful applicants were in their approach to Chicago and its way of asking questions and educating students. Though there were considerably more applications to read, we believe the prospective students were even more appropriate to the College, as well as more talented in all ways.”