March 15, 2007
Vol. 26 No. 12

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    Research associate positions in materials science honor Rice, Kadanoff

    By Steve Koppes
    News Office

    The University’s Materials Research Science & Engineering Center has announced the creation of two new research associate positions named after Emeritus Professors Leo Kadanoff and Stuart Rice.

    “Our MRSEC is honored to have been able to count as members two of the most distinguished scientists in the University’s history, Leo Kadanoff and Stuart Rice,” said Director Sidney Nagel in announcing the positions.

    Kadanoff, the John D. MacArthur Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in Physics and Math, and the College, joined the University faculty in 1978. Rice, the Frank P. Hixon Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus in Chemistry and the College, joined the faculty in 1957.

    Both men received the National Medal of Science, the nation’s highest scientific honor, in 2000.

    “It cannot be overemphasized that they are great scientists who have engaged energetically in interdisciplinary work,” said Nagel, the Stein-Freiler Distinguished Service Professor in Physics and the College.

    “They have demonstrated over and over again that they believe in education—both for their own students, to whom they have served as prize-winning teachers and exemplary research mentors—and for the public at large to whom they have reached out in many ways on many occasions.

    As emeritus professors, they continue to provide intellectual leadership and set the tone for our scientific discourse. They set the standard for what we can only hope to achieve,” Nagel said.