Jan. 4, 2007
Vol. 26 No. 7

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    President will present talk at town hall

    President Zimmer

    President Zimmer will conduct the next in a series of town hall meetings from 12:15 to 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 17, in the Max Palevsky Cinema on the first floor of Ida Noyes Hall, 1212 E. 59th Street.

    The meetings, sponsored by University Human Resources Management, are presented as a series of talks scheduled throughout the academic year. All faculty and staff are welcome to attend the meetings, which provide information about a variety of topics concerning the University and its practices and goals.

    Zimmer will speak on the topic of University Planning and Strategic Opportunities.

    The fall town hall meeting, presented by John Boyer, Dean of the College and the Martin A. Ryerson Distinguished Service Professor in History and the College, and Bill Michel, Associate Dean of the College and Assistant Vice President for Student Life in the University, covered the topic “Teaching and Learning in the College Today.”

    A 35-minute streaming video and Power Point presentation of Boyer and Michel’s presentation is available for viewing online at: http://hr.uchicago.edu/teaching/index.html.