Nov. 18, 1999
Vol. 19 No. 5

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    The drawing above is an artist’s rendition of the parking structure that will be
    built at Ellis Avenue and 55th Street. Construction crews will break ground in December.

    Friday last day to park in Ellis Avenue lot

    By Jennifer Leovy
    News Office

    Construction crews will break ground in December at Ellis Avenue and 55th Street to begin work on the new parking structure, according to Meredith Mack, Director of Facilities Services.

    Part of the University’s Campus Master Plan, the parking structure will anchor the University’s north-campus boundary and will serve the parking needs of the north campus.

    The new building is expected to open late next fall with more than 1,000 parking spaces, which translates to a net gain of nearly 700 parking spaces for the campus community.

    Friday, Nov. 19, will mark the last day people with monthly parking permits may use the Ellis lot. These people have been temporarily reassigned to park in the Stagg and Lexington lots. Stagg lot was expanded earlier this fall by paving the unused tennis courts at the west end of Stagg Field.

    “We have scheduled construction projects so that we will maintain our current number of parking spaces throughout construction, even if the location of those spaces shifts,” said Mack. “By the end of next year, the monthly parkers from the old Ellis lot can move into the new structure.”

    Additional monthly parking spaces will be available in the new structure, and the Parking Office plans to begin a waiting list for the spaces by this spring.

    During construction, the University will evaluate the possibility of using space on the first floor of the structure for University tenant space or retail businesses.