Oct. 21, 1999
Vol. 19 No. 3

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    In Memoriam

    A memorial service in honor of Tang Tsou is scheduled for 4 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 6, at Bond Chapel.

    Tsou, the Homer J. Livingston Professor Emeritus in Political Science (Ph.D., ’51) and one of the nation’s leading experts on modern China, died Aug. 7 at the University Hospitals.

    He was 80.

    Tsou was the author of six books on Chinese politics, including America’s Failure in China: 1941-1950, which was published by the University Press in 1963. The book won the Gordon J. Laing Prize from the Press in 1965 as the best book written during the previous two years by a Chicago faculty member.

    Charles Lipson, Associate Professor in Political Science at the University, said, “Tang Tsou was not only an expert on China, he was a profound thinker about China’s place in the world, particularly its rocky relations with the Soviet Union, North Korea and the United States.”

    Tsou visited China during his scholarly career and also pursued a number of important research projects.

    A complete obituary may be read in the Aug. 12 (Vol. 18, No. 20) Internet-only edition of The University of Chicago Chronicle, located at http://chronicle.uchicago.edu/990812/tsou.shtml.