Aug. 12, 1999
Vol. 18 No. 20

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    [hank webber]

    Hank Webber, Vice President of Community Affairs, discusses changes in Hyde Park and surrounding communities at a town hall meeting presented in June by University Human Resources Management.

    UHRM, Community Affairs meetings explain neighborhood renewal

    Community members had opportunities to learn about the University’s current outreach and development projects and to offer opinions on both at a town hall meeting in June and three community meetings in July. Hank Webber, Vice President of Community Affairs presided over the meetings.

    At the June town hall meeting, sponsored by University Human Resources Management, Webber explained the University’s role in Hyde Park, North Kenwood, South Kenwood, Oakland and Woodlawn. He discussed such matters as neighborhood crime; employment opportunity initiatives; educational and technological initiatives in area schools; residential improvements and housing development; and commercial and retail revitalization projects.

    Before taking questions from staff and faculty members, Webber concluded his talk by outlining community renewal efforts involving the University. Those efforts include maintaining the area’s reputation as Chicago’s most successful integrated community; supporting neighborhood beautification projects; continuing to seek solutions to end gang activity and crime; continuing support for community service efforts; and being an active advocate for the community, including in local parks and public schools.

    During the community meetings in July, at which University faculty, students, staff and community residents were encouraged to give feedback, Webber, along with other University officials, described new construction currently in the planning stages, and Curt Heuring, University Architect, presented conceptual drawings of new buildings that will be erected on campus.

    Projects discussed included construction of a new parking structure, residence halls and an ice rink, which is part of a redevelopment plan for the Midway Plaisance in cooperation with the Chicago Park District.