July 15, 1999
Vol. 18 No. 19

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    Staff Vacancies

    A listing of positions posted on the Staff Job Posting Notices may be viewed either in the lobby of Ingleside Hall or on the University’s Web site at www.uchicago.edu.

    Any interested employee or other candidate who wishes to apply may do so by sending a resume and cover note referring to the desired position(s) to the Employment Office at 956 E. 58th St., Chicago, IL 60637.

    The office may also be reached via fax at (773) 834-0303 or e-mail at employment@uchicago.edu.

    The University of Chicago considers employees and prospective employees on the basis of individual merit and without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origin, age, disability, or other factors irrelevant to participation in the programs of the University. This policy includes the University’s commitment to maintain a work place free from sexual harassment.

    The Affirmative Action Officer is the University official responsible for coordinating adherence to this policy and related federal and state laws and regulations. If you have a complaint, it should ordinarily be taken to your supervisor, department chairman, department head, dean or director. You may also direct complaints to Human Resources Management, Employee/Labor Relations or to the Affirmative Action Officer. Consult your telephone directory for the appropriate telephone numbers.

    Your complaint will be investigated on a timely basis and in a confidential manner. If you have a disability and identify yourself as disabled, University Human Resources Management invites you to suggest reasonable ways in which the work environment at the University can better accommodate your handicap. Your submission of this information will be kept confidential except where necessary for job performance purposes such as working out appropriate accommodations, restrictions in activities or problems of safety. Direct your questions to your supervisor or the Employment Office.

    Aneesah Ali, Affirmative Action Officer (702-5671)
    Sandy Bateman, Director, Employee/Labor Relations, University Human Resources Management (702-8905)
    Kathy Irving-Payton, Assistant Director, Employee/Labor Relations (702-4411)