July 15, 1999
Vol. 18 No. 19

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    [bill clinton] by jason smith[elaine fuchs] by jason smith

    The University of Chicago 456th Convocation June 12, 1999

    President Clinton’s University visit on June 12 as the distinguished guest speaker for the College session of the 456th Convocation afforded some students an opportunity to meet him. The University’s three 1999 Rhodes scholars, Erin Bohula, Mira Lutgendorf and Maureen Dunne (below, left center photo) were introduced to Clinton, also a Rhodes scholar, in a private meeting before the convocation ceremony began. Other student leaders and the student speakers for the College convocation session, Michael Rossman (bottom right photo, left to right) Thymaya Payne and Ana Christina Faria, also met Clinton. Greetings and handshakes continued throughout the ceremony as Clinton offered congratulations to every graduate accepting a diploma. Clinton’s remarks, which mainly focused on his free trade policy, followed the convocation address by Elaine Fuchs, (above, at right) the Amgen Professor in Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology and Biochemistry & Molecular Biology. Fuchs’s speech was titled “Shapes of an Education at the University of Chicago.” The event, which required extensive security checks of everyone attending and accommodations for 6,000 guests, faculty members and graduates, took weeks of planning and preparation. Working closely with White House staff and the Secret Service, the staff of the Office of Special Events, Facilities Services, the University Police Department and the University News Office completed preparations for the event. Student Christos Kosmidis was quoted in the Chicago Tribune story about the convocation saying, “It was so chaotic this morning with the security checks and all. But looking back, I’d have to say things went amazingly well.”

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