June 10, 1999
Vol. 18 No. 18

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    Students in the College receive Leadership Awards

    By Jennifer Leovy
    News Office

    Each spring, the University and the College honor a select number of student leaders for their contributions to the campus community. Student Leadership Awards are given for contributions to any part of campus life, from performance arts to intercollegiate athletics, while Service Awards are conferred on students that demonstrate outstanding social responsibility.

    Student Leadership Awards:

    The Howell Murray Alumni Association Award, one of the College’s highest honors, recognizes graduating seniors who have made outstanding contributions to the University through a range of cocurricular activities. The recipients are: Myesha Banks, Emmy Bright, Nubia Chaidez, Julie Fitzgibbons, Reynoldo Lopez, Rajeev Ramchand, Tiffany Rockette, Steve Sieck, Russell Smith, Jacob Studley, Linara Washington and Michael Zarren.

    Each recipient received a $500 award and a medal. The students also were recognized recently at the 43rd Annual College Honors Awards Assembly and at the June 5 University Alumni Assembly.

    The Herbert J. Morris Memorial Prize recognizes a degree candidate (College senior or graduate/professional degree candidate) who has made significant contributions in a single cocurricular endeavor. Fourth-year Chloe Johnston was selected for her contribution to University Theater. Johnston received a $200 award and was honored at the College Honors Awards Assembly.

    The Jane Morton and Henry C. Murphy Award recognizes non-graduating student leaders––undergraduate or graduate students in good academic standing who have made exceptional and unique contributions to the University community.

    This year’s winners are: Miriam Dreyer and Dan Klein for establishing the Peer Mediation group; Anna Haley-Lock and Jack Iwashyna for their work with the Sexual Violence Prevention Resource Center; and Gmerice Hammond for her work with the Soul Umoja Gospel Choir.

    Recipients received a $400 award and were honored at the College Honors Awards Assembly.

    Maroon Key Society honorees are second- and third-year students who serve as advisors to the Dean of the College. Members are especially active in cocurricular activities, are good communicators and have a strong academic record.

    The newly elected members of the Maroon Key Society are Allison Alexy, Sarah Ali, Mohammed Aliuddin, Nima Bassiri, Jessica Berry, Edgar Boles, Niels Bradshaw, Oona Burke, Eric Chewning, Anthoney Dimos, John Fitzgerald, Rebecca Hamlin, Brad Henderson, Andy Hong, Aleem Hossain, Paul Kaufman, Hannah Kaye, Karen Kim, Katie Lofton, Laura Miller, Catherine Potter, Rachel Prager, Brian Richardson, Jessica Robinson and Saket Soni.

    Service Awards:

    The President’s Volunteer Service Award honors University students who have demonstrated a superior commitment to service in the greater community during the past academic year.

    This year’s winners are Tammie Ismail, a graduate student in the Master of Arts Program in the Social Sciences, and Charles Samenow and Eric Berkson, graduate students at the Pritzker School of Medicine.

    Each recipient was awarded $500 and was honored at the University Community Service Center’s Volunteer Recognition Reception and the College Honors Awards Assembly.

    The Perry Herst Prize is awarded to graduating seniors in the College who have successfully combined study with social responsibility.

    Seniors Rachel Airmet, who concentrated in fundamentals; Myesha Banks, an African-American studies concentrator; and Emily Bright, an art history concentrator, each were awarded the $1,500 prize and recognized at the University Community Service Center’s Volunteer Recognition Reception and the College Honors Awards Assembly.