May 13, 1999
Vol. 18 No. 16

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    [kung fu] by lloyd degrane[stonehenge] by lloyd degrane
    [scavenger hunt] by lloyd degrane

    The usual unusual hunt

    The 13th annual Scavenger Hunt required skill and ingenuity to find more than 300 items and answers to obscure questions. After four days of gathering items, judging took place on the Midway last Sunday afternoon. Part of the festivities included the Scavolympics, which required agility and a strong stomach. Above left, a student performs a bit of kung fu fighting while dangling from a tree. Abover right, a student transforms a package of hot dogs into Stonehenge. Another student is encouraged to lick clean a bowl of Ramen noodles to win points for her team. The Ruff Ryders of Burton-Judson Courts took first place.