April 15, 1999
Vol. 18 No. 14

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    AdmiNET Web site offers administrative assistance

    A valuable resource recently has been added to AdmiNET, the Web site that provides University administrators with easily accessed answers to frequently asked questions about policies, procedures and administrative processes.

    The Financial Accounting System Manual was completely updated and revised by the Office of the Comptroller and placed on the AdmiNET Web site provided by Administrative Information Systems, said Therese Nelson, Associate Director of Campus Networked Information Services. A link to the manual can be found on the home page of the AdmiNET Web system: http://adminet.uchicago.edu/.

    “Information about subaccounts is now available at the click of a mouse,” said Nelson. This material, she said, is information administrators would be particularly interested in obtaining.

    The FAS Manual project was one and a half years in preparation before making its Web debut, said Nelson. “Funds, ledgers, accounts, attributes and so forth are explained in detail,” Nelson added. Current FAS lists of department codes and executive levels are also available.

    Nelson said all administrators, who continually use the University’s central accounting system, will benefit from the online manual, which continues to be updated with new information.

    AdmiNET, said Nelson, is the University’s central Web resource for administrative staff and contains official announcements that are no longer distributed outside of the Web.