Oct. 29, 1998
Vol. 18, No. 3

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    President encourages all to support the United Way charities campaign

    Dear Members of the University Community: Much of the special character of our University derives from the commitment that students, faculty and staff bring to their work. Today, I am writing to encourage you to make a commitment of a different nature by pledging a contribution to the University' s annual "Giving to Help," United Way and Other Charities Campaign.

    Each year, by offering our pledges, we at the University demonstrate our commitment to less fortunate members of the larger community. Our "Giving to Help" Campaign benefits a wide variety of agencies in our city, including charities, social service organizations, and cultural and educational institutions. Those who participate in the campaign designate the specific organization(s) that they wish to support. Last year, the "Giving to Help" Campaign raised over $255,000, both for the United Way and a variety of other charities. Our goal this year is $265,000.

    Completing the pledge card will take less than a minute and will provide important support for the coming year. Please help these worthy organizations to assist those most in need. Pledge today.


    Hugo Sonnenschein