Oct. 15, 1998
Vol. 18, No. 2

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    Diversity of first-year students evident in their academic achievements, creative endeavors

    Their creative and academic interests are as diverse as the places from which they have come. They are conductors, molecular biologists, swimmers and poets. They research diseases of the heart, sing from the heart and play sports with heart.

    Students in the class of 2002 began the Fall Quarter after a week of Orientation activities that introduced them to the University's rich cultural and community life. During Orientation, students got a chance to experience many activities, including the day-long Commitment to Community event offered through the University's Community Service Center, the Aims of Education Address presented in Rockefeller Memorial Chapel and the Student Activities Fair in Hutchinson Courtyard featuring 175 student organizations.

    Students in the class of 2002 began their first classes at the University Oct. 5.

    These first-year students will dial long-distance calls to their homes in the Midwest (40%), the Mid-Atlantic (20%), New England (12%), the West (11%), the South (7%), the Southwest (5%) and overseas (5%).

    The class of 2002 is composed of slightly more women (52%) than men (48%).

    The majority of incoming students attended public schools (62%), while approximately one-third went to private schools (34%). A small minority attended foreign schools (4%). No matter where students attended high school, an overwhelming majority ranked in the top one-fifth of their class (90%).

    The Class of 2002 extended their high-school days beyond the classroom to extracurricular activities such as community service (76%), varsity athletics (54%), music (47%), editorial activities (47%) and theater (25%).