June 11, 1998
Vol. 17, No. 18

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    Ian Foster, Associate Professor in Computer Science, has received the Global Information Infrastructure Next Generation award. Foster, who has a joint appointment with Argonne National Laboratory, was cited for his work in advancing the technology and application of high performance distributed computing.

    Lawrence Grossman, Professor in Geochemistry and Chairman of Geophysical Sciences, has been elected a member of the Royal Society of Canada. The society is a national academy that promotes learning and research in the arts and sciences.

    Leo Kadanoff, the John D. MacArthur Distinguished Service Professor in Physics, has been awarded the Lars Onsager Prize. The prize was given by the American Physical Society for Kadanoff's "numerous and profound contributions to statistical physics."

    Takeshi Oka, the Robert A. Millikan Distinguished Service Professor in Chemistry, has received the Ellis R. Lippincott Award. The award, given by the Optical Society of America, was presented for Oka's pioneering contributions to astronomical vibrational spectroscopy.