Feb. 19, 1998
Vol. 17, No. 10

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    University holds room and board to 1997-98 rates

    Smallest term bill increase in 30 years The University is taking a firm stand against rising college costs by holding the 1998-99 room and board charges at the 1997-98 levels, while at the same time creating many new programs, including special opportunities in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

    As a result, the College "term bill," which includes tuition and room and board, will increase only 2.74 percent, the smallest increase in 30 years.

    "We are especially pleased that while we are able to hold down charges we are also able to create innovative educational programs, including unique global learning opportunities and new research and professional internships in Chicago and across the United States," said President Sonnenschein.

    Tuition will increase 3.69 percent to $22,902. The term bill, which includes tuition and room and board, will increase 2.74 percent to $30,508. The room and board charges will remain at $7,606.

    Students in the College received $29 million in financial aid this year, $25 million of which came directly from the University. "The University of Chicago offers one of the finest educations in the world, and we are proud that we are able to continue making admission decisions without regard to financial need," Sonnenschein said.

    "Thanks to our vigorous fundraising efforts and generous gifts from alumni and other supporters, we have been able to create such new programs as the Western Civilization Studies program, in which students can immerse themselves in history, culture and language while studying with University faculty in Rome, Italy; Barcelona, Spain; and Tours, France," College Dean John Boyer said. "The involvement of University faculty guarantees the highest standards of teaching. Over the next decade such globally oriented programs will become one of the signature features of the College."

    Boyer also noted that the University is making a major effort to provide even more research opportunities for undergraduate students. "We want to combine a strong commitment to general education with equally bold opportunities for students to pursue independent research. Pathbreaking research is the University of Chicago's trademark, and we want our College students to experience the excitement and the risks of original research. That combination of rigorous research and commitment to teaching is what Chicago is all about."