Dec. 4, 1997
Vol. 17, No. 6

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    Contributions can help prevent child abuse, gangs

    Every 13 seconds, a child is reported abused or neglected. More than three children die every day in the United States from abuse or neglect. How can you help prevent child abuse? One way is by supporting child-abuse prevention organizations, many of which receive funding from the United Way.

    The director of Illinois Parents Anonymous, Maureen Blaha, will talk about preventing child abuse at the next luncheon sponsored by Giving to Help, the University's Campaign for the United Way and Other Charities. She will be joined by David Yancy, community resource director of B.U.I.L.D., a gang-prevention organization. The free luncheon will be held at noon, Thursday, Dec. 11, in the second-floor west lounge of Ida Noyes Hall.

    Illinois Parents Anonymous helps prevent abuse through weekly self-help peer support groups. The program addresses child abuse at its roots by providing parents with an opportunity to share ideas and learn successful child-rearing techniques. More than 50 groups meet in Illinois, 38 of them in Chicagoland.

    B.U.I.L.D., an outreach program based in Chicago, works with high-risk boys and girls in more than 25 elementary schools, promoting gang prevention. The agency also works with and redirects gang youths in seven Chicago neighborhoods.

    The free luncheon is open to all interested University employees. Reservations are required and may be made by contacting Karen Rosselli at (708) 877-1726 or at k-rosselli@uchicago.edu. Donations to Giving to Help can be made to any recognized charity in the United States or to the Chicago United Way/Crusade of Mercy, an independent organization governed by local volunteers. Over 160 independent organizations, including various programs within the University, benefited from last year's campaign.

    To contribute, simply fill out and return either the yellow card (for the charity of your choice) or the blue card (for the United Way) included in the campaign information sent to all employees. Pledge cards from staff and faculty will be included in a drawing for raffle prizes.

    Employees who need a pledge card should contact Rosselli.