Nov. 20, 1997
Vol. 17, No. 5

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    Oriental Institute nearing campaign goal

    Less than $1 million needed to finance renovation, expansion The Oriental Institute's capital campaign is nearing its goal of $10.1 million. The most recent gift to the campaign, a $150,000 grant from the Chicago Community Trust, has brought the total to $9.1 million.

    "The philanthropic leadership of the Chicago Community Trust will, I am confident, motivate other funders and supporters, ensuring a timely completion of our building campaign," said Gene Gragg, Director of the Oriental Institute.

    The Legacy Campaign is raising funds for the renovation and expansion of the institute's facilities, including the installation of climate control, which will permit the display of many ancient artifacts that are too fragile to have been exhibited previously.

    A 16,000-square-foot wing, under construction on the south side of the institute building, will house artifact storage, museum archives, a new conservation laboratory, and a book stack area for the institute research archives. The existing building is being reconfigured to restore archaeological study areas used for object storage in recent years and to create a multifunction room for seminars, docent events and public gatherings.

    The facilities improvements will culminate in the complete redesign of and re-installations in all five museum galleries. The new Egyptian Hall is scheduled for a public unveiling in late 1998.