Nov. 6, 1997
Vol. 17, No. 4

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    Agencies help others around the world, close to home

    When you contribute to Giving to Help, the University's Campaign for the United Way and Other Charities, you will be helping agencies close to home as well as those that transcend international boundaries.

    Through agencies supported by the campaign, young Chicagoans in difficult circumstances are encouraged to apply their talents to create a positive future for themselves, senior citizens have a place that responds to their special needs and emergency medical relief is provided internationally to people coping with the destructive forces of war or natural disaster.

    Among the many Chicago agencies funded by the United Way is Imagine Chicago, which works in partnership with Chicago public schools, community organizations, cultural institutions and communities of faith to help institutions and individuals discover common values, share available resources and develop plans for joint civic action. Initiatives designed and facilitated by Imagine Chicago include developing public school curricula and grassroots leadership, and coordinating organizational partnerships.

    Funds from the United Way also support the LaSalle Senior Center on North LaSalle Street, which responds to the spiritual, relational, physical, emotional and psychological needs of senior citizens living on the North Side of Chicago. Now 28 years old, the center promotes independence and self-determination in the elderly and sensitizes and educates other people both to the needs of the elderly and to their own aging process.

    Gifts to the United Way also reach people in need around the world. Doctors Without Borders (known internationally as Medicines Sans Frontieres) delivers emergency medical relief to populations threatened by war, civil strife, epidemics or natural disasters. Doctors Without Borders was founded in 1971 by a small group of French doctors determined to respond rapidly and effectively to public health emergencies, with complete independence from political, economic or religious powers. Today, over 2,000 doctors, nurses, other medical professionals and logisticians, representing 45 nationalities, work in nearly 70 countries each year, restoring health and hope to millions of people.

    Through Giving to Help, University employees may contribute to the United Way or to any registered charity of their choice. Contributions may be made through payroll deductions or through a cash contribution.

    To contribute, simply fill out and return either the yellow card (for the charity of your choice) or the blue card (for the United Way) included in the campaign information sent to all employees. Pledge cards from participating staff and faculty will be included in a drawing.

    Employees who need a pledge card should contact campaign coordinator Karen Rosselli at (708) 877-1726 or at k-rosselli@uchicago.edu.