Oct. 9, 1997
Vol. 17, No. 2

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    Sonnenschein urges support for charity campaign

    October 1, 1997

    Dear Members of the University Community: Many of you make important contributions to your communities through your volunteer efforts and your support of agencies that help those in need. I am writing to ask you to extend that support by joining me in giving to the University's annual United Way and Other Charities Campaign, "Giving to Help."

    A wide variety of agencies in our communities benefit from our help, including charities, social service organizations and cultural and educational institutions. For those who are less fortunate than ourselves, the needs are enormous. Homelessness, domestic abuse, inadequate child care resources and constructive youth activities, alcohol and drug abuse -- these are but a few of the issues that agencies in our communities attempt to address. Our support makes their work possible.

    The University's "Giving to Help" Campaign enables you to support either the United Way or any other charity or non-profit that you wish. The group you designate will be notified of your support through our Campaign.

    Last year's "Giving to Help" Campaign raised over $260,000, and it went to a wide variety of entities chosen by University staff and faculty. Please join me in continuing and expanding this support during 1997-98.

    "Giving to Help" materials have been sent to all University employees. Please use the cards to pledge a contribution. Help ensure a better future for individuals and families in need: support the important work of non-profit institutions that make significant contributions to our society. I urge you to support this effort. Thank you,

    Hugo F. Sonnenschein