May 29, 1997
Vol. 16, No. 18

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    Steam tunnel project will affect service on campus

    While it may look like a campus-wide invasion of giant gophers, it won't be -- the large holes you'll see on campus over the next several months will be part of a steam tunnel expansion project.

    The project, which will add a new main line to the existing steam tunnel that stretches across campus, will require unearthing and opening 19 access hatches, each about 16 feet by 4 feet. Work has already begun on the south side of the Midway and is expected to progress to the north side of the Midway within two weeks.

    "The demands on the steam distribution system have been steadily increasing and continue to grow," said Daniel Carey, Manager of Steam Plant & Distribution. "This expansion will allow us to meet the needs of campus now and for decades to come."

    The expansion began May 1 and is scheduled to be completed by Oct. 1. The project, which began at the Steam Plant at 61st Street and Blackstone Avenue, will progress along the route of the main steam tunnel: north from the Steam Plant, turning west at 60th Street and Blackstone and following the route of the Midway bridal path, then north at Woodlawn Avenue, turning west just south of 58th Street and continuing to the Administration Building.

    Although the Steam Plant will remain on-line throughout the project, there will be service interruptions. The University Hospitals, however, will not be affected. Shutdowns of any buildings will be coordinated with building managers to minimize the impact. Notification of pending service interruption to buildings and estimated down time will be distributed no less than three weeks prior to any shutdown.

    Suggestions, comments and concerns may be directed to Dan Carey or Mike De Soto at the Steam Plant, 702-9780.