May 15, 1997
Vol. 16, No. 17

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    25 Year Club: 7,344 years of service to University

    At a May 5 reception in their honor, University employees with 25 or more years of consecutive service were presented with commemorative leather bookmarks and . . . a pop quiz?

    Congratulating and thanking the group for their combined 7,344 years of service, President Sonnenschein launched into an impromptu quiz on Chicago baseball and basketball statistics from 25 years ago. Apparently the group contained more Bulls fans than baseball enthusiasts. "The group did OK on the basketball, but failed on the baseball portion," reported Mara Strandlund, Director of Employment. "But given the past couple decades of Chicago baseball, that's understandable."

    Sonnenschein and Henry Webber, Associate Vice President for Administration, addressed the crowd and presented watches to the 24 new members of the 25 Year Club, bringing the total to 247. They also presented University of Chicago license-plate frames to the club's board of trustees, 11 employees who have worked for the University for 40 years or more. The trustees are Alice Chandler, President's Office; Mary Halaburt, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; William Jemison, Library; Charles Kung, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology; Margaret Larkin, PSD Local Business Center; Barbara Perkins, PSD Local Business Center; Donald Poder, Central Procurement; Lesley Robertson, Animal Resources Center; Maxine Sullivan, Registrar's Office; Joseph Wheeler, University Police; and Harold White, Facilities Services.

    The ceremony also included the selection of a new club president from the board of trustees. Donald Poder, the 1996-97 president, turned the gavel over to Joseph Wheeler, who will serve as president of the club for the 1997-98 academic year.

    New members of the 25 Year Club

    Cecilia Alva, BSD Dean's Office Richard Badger, Law School Linda Bagwell, Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Cynthia Bold, University Publications John Cole, PSD Local Business Center Linda Connolly, PSD Dean's Office Eligia Dimapilis-Buhay, Pharmacological & Physiological Sciences Larry Fiscelli, Enrico Fermi Institute Raymond Gadke, Library Isabel Garcia, Sociology Walter Glascoff, Press Kittie Griffieth, Social Sciences Administrative Center Kathleen Holmes, Music Andris Kanderovskis, Library Simone Laplanche, Surgery Vicky Longawa, Press Cheryl Malmborg, Library Beverly Mason, SSA Stacey Metralexis, Library Cynthia Peters, Radiology Helen Rankin, Comptroller's Office Pita Reformina Rina, Obstetrics & Gynecology Patricia Swanson, Provost's Office Dennis Wasson, Steam Plant