April 17, 1997
Vol. 16, No. 15

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    What's the buzz? Coffee-shop profits fund scholarships

    The thousands of cups of coffee consumed at the Divinity School Coffee Shop over the years have resulted in more than a major caffeine buzz for campus: $45,000 in profits from the coffee shop are being used to establish a scholarship fund for Divinity students.

    The gift was made to the Divinity School by the Divinity Students Association, the student group that owns and operates the coffee shop.

    "This is terrific -- it is the first time our students have made a collective decision to do something like this," said Clark Gilpin, Dean of the Divinity School. "I'm particularly impressed because the students looked for a way to make a lasting intellectual and educational impression instead of funding a park bench. It was a very thoughtful process, and I think it's just wonderful."

    The money, which is the result of several years of accumulated profits from the Divinity School Coffee Shop, will be invested and the interest used to fund at least two scholarships a year to assist Ph.D. candidates studying for their qualifying exams or M.Div. students doing their senior ministry project. The DSA hopes to add funds to the scholarship in the future.

    "I'm thrilled that we're able to do such a thing. Many, many Divinity School students debated for the better part of a year about what we should do with these funds," said Deborah Derylak, former DSA president. "We finally agreed that this would be the best way to contribute to both the school and the student body." The idea of establishing this scholarship fund was proposed by Ben Leff, former treasurer of the DSA.

    The first two recipients will be chosen by the Divinity School Dean of Students' office in the fall. They will be chosen based on need and will receive an award between $700 and $1000.