April 17, 1997
Vol. 16, No. 15

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    Gary Becker, University Professor in Economics, has received the 1997 Irene B. Taeuber Award in Excellence in Demographic Research. The award, presented by the Population Association of America, cites Becker for research that "conclusively demonstrated the relevance of economic theory to demography." Becker is a pioneer in applying the theory of human capital to show ways in which family decisions are made on the basis of economics. The award is presented every two years.

    Larry Hedges, the Stella M. Rowley Professor in Education, has won the American Educational Research Association Award in recognition of an outstanding review of research. Hedges, along with graduate students Rob Greenwald and Richard Laine, was recognized for the paper "The Effect of School Resources on Student Achievement," cited in Review of Educational Research, Vol. 66, No. 3.

    Jeanne Marsh, Professor and Dean of the School of Social Service Administration, has received the Excellence in Social Work Research Award. The award, presented by the National Association of Social Workers, was given for Marsh's research in the use of knowledge in practice and in program decision making, social program and policy evaluation, and substance abuse and mental health service delivery.