April 3, 1997
Vol. 16, No. 14

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    Term bill for 1997-98 announced

    The College tuition for 1997-98 will be $22,086.

    The total term bill, which includes tuition, average first-year room and board charges of $7,605 and fees of $390 for health services and student activities, will be $30,081. The 1997-98 term bill is 5 percent greater than last year's.

    In the current year, 63 percent of Chicago's undergraduates receive University scholarships that reduce the cost of their education. The average scholarship support for those students is $13,790, 89 percent of which comes from University sources and philanthropy.

    The University will continue its policy of admitting the most qualified students, regardless of their ability to pay, and then meeting their full financial need.