Dec. 7, 1995
Vol. 15, No. 7

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    New College strategy to attract more of nation's top students

    Faculty, staff, students may be asked to meet with consultants The University has retained the consulting firm of McKinsey & Company Inc. to help develop a strategy to make the College the first-choice school of a larger number of the most outstanding prospective students, President Sonnenschein has announced.

    "Over the course of this fall, I have been discussing with Deans, faculty, senior administrators and Trustees how the University might move out the demand curve for the College across all classes of qualified applicants," Sonnenschein said.

    "I believe this will add tremendous value to the entire University, with positive spillover on the Divisions and the professional schools. In my view, this is something we should do irrespective of whether we choose to increase the size of the College.

    "We have engaged McKinsey to help us assess our current position and move forward in a rigorous and productive way. Over the next few months, many faculty, staff and students may be asked to meet with our consultants."

    In addition to Sonnenschein, faculty members and administrators working with the consultants include John Boyer, Dean of the College and Professor in History; Edward Cook, Dean of Students in the University and Associate Professor in History; Laurens Mets, Associate Professor in Molecular Genetics & Cell Biology; Mark Oreglia, Associate Professor in Physics; and Robert Zimmer, Associate Provost and Professor in Mathematics.