Nov. 9, 1995
Vol. 15, No. 5

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    Look for it on the Web!

    To find out more about what's happening on campus, check out the home pages that many campus organizations have established on the World Wide Web. Below are a few of the pages that we've spotted so far; if you would like your home page to be considered for this list, send e-mail to the Calendar editor, Nancy Dray, at chronicle@uchicago.edu.

    Department of Music Events http://tuna.uchicago.edu/humanities/music/calendar/events.html

    Professional Concert Series (Concert Office) http://tuna.uchicago.edu/humanities/concerts/mainhome.html

    Oriental Institute Museum http://www-oi.uchicago.edu/OI/default.html

    Smart Museum of Art http://csmaclab-www.uchicago.edu/SmartMuseum/

    University Theater http://www-college.uchicago.edu/College/UT/UT.html

    Doc Films http://http.bsd.uchicago.edu/doc/

    Law School Films http://http.bsd.uchicago.edu/lsf/

    Ballroom Dancing Social Club http://www.math.uchicago.edu/~djg/BDSC/index.html

    For even more RSOs, try http://student-www.uchicago.edu/RSOs/