June 8, 1995
Vol. 14, No. 19

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    Galler Prizes to eight Ph.D. recipients

    Eight recent Ph.D. graduates have been named recipients of the 1994-95 Marc Perry Galler Prizes for dissertation research and writing.

    The awards, begun in 1971 and funded by the Marc Galler Research Foundation, are given to Ph.D. graduates whose dissertation work, in the judgment of their respective divisional faculties, reflects the highest scholarly excellence during the preceding 12 months. The award includes a monetary prize.

    The winners, their departments and dissertation titles are:

    _ Michael Brenner, Physics, "Droplet Breakup and Other Problems Involving Surface Tension Driven Flows"

    _ John Dally, Divinity School, "The Eternally Begotten Son: Language, Desire and Resurrection in the Gospel of John and Proust's Recherche"

    _ Charles Fried, Committee on Social Thought, "Heidegger's Polemos: From Being to Politics"

    _ David Kadlec, English Language & Literature, "Anarchism, Pragmatism and the Politics of Modernism 1912-1935"

    _ Michael Palopoli, Ecology & Evolution, "Molecular and Evolutionary Genetics of the Segregation Distorter System of Meiotic Drive in Drosophila melanogaster"

    _ Michael Puett, Anthropology, "The Ambivalence of Creation: The Rise of Empire in Early China"

    _ Benjamin Sommer, Divinity School, "Leshon Limmudim: The Poetics of Allusion in Isaiah 40-66"

    _ David Testen, Linguistics and Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations, "Asseverative la- in Arabic and Related Semitic Particles."