June 8, 1995
Vol. 14, No. 19

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    University dissertation fellowships awarded

    Forty-six Chicago graduate students have been awarded University dissertation fellowships. Eight students received Whiting Fellowships in the Humanities, one student was awarded a Chicago Humanities Institute Fellowship, and eight students won Harper Dissertation Fellowships. All of the awards include tuition and a stipend for one year.

    The Whiting Fellowships in the Humanities, which are given to doctoral students in their final dissertation year, were awarded to Lise Dobrin, Gareth Gollrad, Lawrence McCrea, Gregory Mikkelson, Stephen Miller, Peter Struck, Geert Van Cleemput and Stewart Winger. The grants are awarded by a faculty committee and are underwritten by the Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation to support "the most promising scholars in their fields designated by each participating university."

    A Chicago Humanities Institute Fellowship was awarded to Alison Pearlman. The recipients of the CHI Fellowships, which parallel the Whiting Fellowships, are selected by the faculty governing board of the institute.

    Harper Dissertation Fellowships, which are given to students in the divisions and in the Divinity School who are within 12 to 18 months of finishing their dissertations, were awarded to Robert Barros, Ira Bashkow, John Dumbacher, James Knight, Jeffrey Kosky, Susan Margulis, Miriam Singer and Woodman Taylor. Students are nominated by faculty members, and the grants are awarded by a faculty committee. This is the only dissertation-fellowship competition within the University that spans all the divisions.

    Twenty-nine Mellon Dissertation Fellowships were granted. The recipients were Paul Gilmore, Scott Johnson, Elizabeth Freeman, Mary Morley Cohen, Ann Meyer, Stephen Lewis Jr., Jamil Mustafa, Gregory Nosan, Alicia Cozine, Katherine Crawford, Ronald Granieri, Charles King, David Tanenhaus, Trent Watts, Katherine Bliss, Cheryce Kramer, Cherilyn Lacy, Eric Wiland, Steven Awodey, Kate Abramson, James Guszcza, Zhiyue Bo, Jacqueline Edelberg, Karen Hoffman, Kyung Hoon Leem, David Mandell, Gerald Mackie, Jordan Seng, Joan Wolf.