June 8, 1995
Vol. 14, No. 19

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    Caption: Student Service Learning Award

    The Rev. Bernard Brown, retiring Dean of Rockefeller Memorial Chapel, and his wife, Carol Jean Brown, founder of the University's Oxfam chapter, chat with Ami Shah, the first recipient of the Student Service Learning Award, which was established in honor of the Browns this spring. The award will be presented annually to a student in the College who expresses interest in a project of service to the community that complements her or his professional aspirations. Shah intends to use the grant to travel to India, where she will work with Darpana for Development, an educational organization exploring cultural issues through the arts. Shah, who will receive her A.B. in art history this weekend, plans to attend medical school after returning from overseas. The Student Service Learning Award was established by Bruce and Martha Clinton, the Helen Harrison Foundation and income from the Irving B. Rietz Endowment.