March 30, 1995
Vol. 14, No. 14

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    Term bill increases 4.9 percent

    The University's College tuition for 1995-96 will be $19,875. The term bill, which includes room and board charges of $6,668 and fees totaling $318 for health services and student activities, will be $26,861. The 1995-96 term bill represents a 4.9 percent increase.

    In announcing the 1995-96 fees, President Sonnenschein emphasized that the University will continue its policy of admitting the most qualified College applicants regardless of their ability to pay and then meeting their full financial need. He noted that Chicago has a long history of educating first-generation college students, and it consistently leads among elite universities in the percentage of its students that receive financial aid.

    In the current year, 60 percent of Chicago's undergraduates receive need-based scholarships. The average scholarship support for those students this year is $12,355. Eighty-one percent of that support comes directly from the University.

    "With its world-renowned core curriculum in the liberal arts, an unsurpassed faculty with whom our students can work closely, and a century-long commitment to the very highest quality teaching, the College offers an education that is second to none," Sonnenschein said.

    The increase in College tuition will be accompanied by an increase in funds for student financial aid. The University has budgeted $23.5 million for scholarships to undergraduates in 1995-96.

    Tuition will increase from $19,335 to $20,310 in the four graduate divisions (Biological Sciences, Humanities, Physical Sciences and Social Sciences). Tuition for the professional schools (Law, Medicine, Business, Divinity, Public Policy Studies and Social Service Administration) will be announced in the near future.