March 30, 1995
Vol. 14, No. 14

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    Choice of two degrees in new Computer Science concentration

    Students can pursue bachelor of arts or bachelor of science degree An inventive blend of liberal education and practical knowledge, the College's new concentration in computer science will offer undergraduates two new degree opportunities beginning next fall. Students concentrating in computer science will be able to choose from courses of study that will lead to either a bachelor of arts degree or a bachelor of science degree.

    "The computer science concentration offers students degrees which will qualify them for graduate work or for entering the work force," said Stuart Kurtz, Associate Professor in Computer Science and Director of Undergraduate Studies in Computer Science. "We've designed the requirements so that they integrate the finest qualities of an interdisciplinary liberal-arts education and its methods of inquiry with a program based in computer science, mathematics and the other sciences."

    A bachelor of arts degree will be available to students interested in studying the relationship between computer science and the arts. The degree requirements will balance the Common Core with studies in the humanities and a thorough education in the science of computers.

    Students pursuing a bachelor of science degree will be required to acquire substantial depth and breadth in a field outside of computer science through the completion of an approved minor program. In addition to the Common Core, these students will focus on the sciences, exploring the relationship between computer science and the other disciplines.

    The current concentration in mathematics with a specialization in computer science will remain available.

    The computer science concentration will be offered in the Physical Sciences Collegiate Division. Donald Crabb, Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies and Senior Lecturer in Computer Science, is the departmental counselor.