Feb. 16, 1995
Vol. 14, No. 12

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    Changes in Provost's Office announced; two Associate Provosts appointed

    Two Associate Provosts and an Assistant Provost have been appointed by Provost Geoffrey Stone.

    Daniel Garber, the Lawrence Kimpton Distinguished Service Professor and former Chairman of Philosophy, and Robert Zimmer, Professor and Chairman of Mathematics, have been named Associate Provosts for Research and Education, effective July 1. Ingrid Gould has been appointed Assistant Provost, effective Feb. 1.

    "My goal has been to put together a group of individuals who will work effectively with me and with all members of the University community," Stone said. "I am confident that these appointments will keep the Provost's Office efficient and responsive."

    As Associate Provosts, Garber and Zimmer will deal with a broad range of issues, including academic appointments and programs. Their responsibilities will also include overseeing University-wide boards, councils, task forces and committees -- such as the Library Board, the Council on Research and the Board of Computing Activities & Services -- and various University-wide planning organizations, such as the Budget Committee, the President's Council, and the Capital Budget and Space Planning Committee. Garber and Zimmer each will devote approximately half their time to the work of the Provost's Office.

    "Professors Garber and Zimmer are both distinguished scholars and experienced administrators. I am very pleased that they are willing to undertake these additional responsibilities at this important time," Stone said.

    Gene Mazenko, Professor in Physics, who has served as Associate Provost since 1992, will return to teaching full time, effective July 1.

    "Professor Mazenko has provided invaluable leadership and guidance to this office during a period of transition. I am deeply grateful to him for all he has done -- and continues to do -- on our behalf," Stone said.

    Gould had been Assistant to the Provost since 1992. In her new position, she has assumed some of the responsibilities formerly held by Margaret Fallers, who recently retired as Associate Provost. These responsibilities include reviewing and approving appointments for academic nonfaculty, research associates and lecturers as well as working with federal, state and local agencies on affirmative action and other compliance issues. Gould continues to oversee the work of the Sexual Harassment Complaint Advisers and the implementation of the Americans With Disabilities Act.

    Patricia Swanson, who continues full time as Associate Provost, has assumed responsibility for some appointment matters, such as visiting-faculty appointments, that were previously handled by Fallers.

    Mary Ellen Sheridan, Director of Research Administration and Assistant Vice President for Research, will report to Zimmer as of July 1. Her responsibilities will also include serving as the Provost's Office representative to committees dealing with animal care, radiation safety and hazardous materials.