Feb. 16, 1995
Vol. 14, No. 12

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    Crossroads announces June 30 closing

    Crossroads International Student Center -- an agency of the Inter-Cultural Association that offers cultural, educational and social programs for international students, faculty and staff -- will close its doors on June 30 due to lack of funding.

    Although faced with budget constraints of their own, directors of International House, the Office of International Affairs and the Office of the Dean of Students in the University have said they will do what they can to make up for the loss.

    "It's a sad passing of an institution that has played an important role in the community for 40 years," said Ralph Nicholas, Executive Director of International House. "It is now even more important to ensure that the programs and services established by Crossroads are not abandoned."

    Nicholas said that International House plans to offer more activities in the future for married international students and visitors and their families, as well as for single students. Several cooperative programs with Crossroads -- holidays with American families, weekend outings and national celebrations -- will be continued by International House.

    The Dean of Students' Office also hopes to help bridge the gap that will be left by the center's closing.

    "The Dean of Students' Office and the Provost's Office are dedicated, through existing organizations on campus, to picking up as many of the programs that were supported by Crossroads as possible," said Edward Cook, Dean of Students in the University and Associate Provost for Graduate Affairs. Cook said the Office of Graduate Affairs should also be utilized for resources that can assist current and incoming international students.

    "Crossroads has provided a home away from home, not only for international students, but for faculty and staff members from abroad and their families," said Mary Cay Martin, Director of the Office of International Affairs. "Our office shares the sense of loss created by the closing of Crossroads and will continue to provide advice and assistance to the campus's international community."

    Crossroads was directed since the 1950s by the volunteer staff of the Inter-Cultural Association. When longtime volunteer directors Teddy Gerardy and Denyse Snyers retired in 1992, the association's board of directors decided to hire a paid staff to continue the programs and to look for additional sources of funding. Despite efforts to improve Crossroads' financial situation, funding has remained inadequate, necessitating the center's closing.

    For more information on programs and activities for international students, call International House at 753-2274, the Office of International Affairs at 702-7752, or the Dean of Students' Office at 702-7770.