Sept. 29, 1994
Vol. 14, No. 3

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    'GOTCHA' program initiated

    University Police have initiated "GOTCHA," a crime prevention and awareness program to reduce thefts on campus.

    Officers on patrol who discover unattended valuables will place "GOTCHA" stickers on them to make the owners aware of the need for crime prevention. Stickers will also be placed in unattended and unlocked offices.

    "Through this program, we are trying to make people aware of their role and responsibility in preventing crime," said Rudolph Nimocks, Director of University Police. "Unfortunately, no place and no one is immune to theft. The good news is, it can be prevented with a few simple measures."

    To prevent theft:

    _ Never leave your belongings unattended in public places, such as the library, athletic facilities, playing fields and restaurants. Be especially careful with wallets, purses and backpacks.

    _ Lock your desk drawers, lockers and office doors when you are away, for however short a period of time.

    _ Always lock your bike securely. A chain or cable will not provide sufficient security -- use a "horseshoe" lock to secure bicycle frames and detachable front wheels to bicycle racks and not to small trees, signposts or anything weaker than the lock itself.

    For more information on crime prevention and security, see Common Sense, a special insert in this issue.