Aug. 18, 1994
Vol. 14, No. 2

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    The University of Chicago On the Air

    Interviews with Daniel Meyer, Associate Curator and University Archivist in Special Collections, and extensive videotape of the Special Collections exhibition "Stephen A. Douglas and the American Union" will be featured on C-SPAN in August, September and October. The interviews and videotape will be part of C-SPAN's coverage of re-enactments of the 1858 senatorial election debates between Abraham Lincoln and incumbent Sen. Stephen A. Douglas.

    Meyer organized the Douglas exhibition and wrote the accompanying catalog to mark the recent gift to the Library of a group of Douglas papers from several members of the Douglas family. The papers have been added to a larger collection of Douglas papers previously acquired by the Library.

    The re-enactments will take place in the towns where the debates were originally held. The re-enactments are scheduled to be broadcast on C-SPAN from 2 to 8 p.m. on the following dates from the following Illinois towns:

    Saturday, Aug. 20 (Ottawa)

    Saturday, Aug. 27 (Freeport)

    Saturday, Sept. 17 (Jonesboro)

    Sunday, Sept. 18 (Charleston)

    Saturday, Oct. 8 (Galesburg)

    Sunday, Oct. 9 (Quincy)

    Saturday, Oct. 15 (Alton)