July 14, 1994
Vol. 14, No. 1

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    What's up? News from Facilities Planning & Managment

    Under construction

    Wondering about the scaffolding around the building you work in or the poundings and rumblings interrupting the summer lull? Chances are it's one of several campus construction and remodeling projects scheduled for this summer by the Office of Facilities Planning & Management.

    According to Lynn Bender, Director of Facilities Planning & Management, construction work is scheduled in the following areas:

    Regenstein Library: Leaking windows in the north and south bays will be replaced.

    Kelly and Foster halls: Leaking tile roofs and gutters will be replaced.

    Cobb Hall: A ramp for wheelchair access will be constructed at the east entrance, and a wheelchair lift to the lower level will be installed.

    Crown Field House: A ramp for wheelchair access will be constructed at the southeast entrance.

    Quadrangle sidewalks: Deteriorated sandstone sidewalks will be replaced with concrete sidewalks in various areas within the quadrangles. Salvageable sandstone paving blocks will be used to make repairs in other sandstone sidewalks.

    Many interior remodeling and construction projects are also scheduled, but the aforementioned are the most visible campus projects, Bender said.

    Trolley off track

    Trolley service has been derailed for the summer. The University's trolley experienced a major mechanical breakdown, resulting in the suspension of trolley service. During the summer, an evaluation will be made of when and how the service will be reinstated. Look for an announcement about future trolley service at the beginning of autumn quarter.

    Water-main shutdowns

    Plans by the city to repair valves and lines damaged during the January freeze will result in water-service shutdowns at various locations on campus Thursday, July 28. Occupants of affected buildings will be notified as schedules are finalized.

    Custodians on vacation

    Following the practice adopted last summer, the majority of the custodians employed by the University's maintenance service will take vacation time during the month of July. This action minimizes reductions in custodial services due to vacation time during the rest of the academic year. Throughout the month, normal custodial service will be provided to classrooms and public areas. No regular service will be provided for private offices; wastebaskets will be emptied if placed outside the door. If your private office needs cleaning, call Vera Dalmatow at 702-0260. Normal levels and frequencies of custodial services will resume in August.